HERO·TEA, affiliated to Wellermoz Design Inc. , is headquartered in Shenzhen. It is a company that integrates brand incubation, single-store chain, catering planning, franchise entire store output, functional modules, and consulting services. Food service brand. With the brand mission of “reviving Chinese tea culture, establishing the spirit of Chinese tea people, letting the younger generation fall in love with modern Chinese tea, and bringing modern Chinese tea to the world”, HERO·TEA provides users with professional integrated catering services. HERO·TEA is determined to create a new beverage market supply and production chain with a complete management system and standardized management mode.

Solemn declaration

HERO·TEA never authorizes or permits any website, enterprise or individual to invite investment and join in the name of "HERO·TEA" brand. All franchising cooperation needs to go to the company to investigate and apply before proceeding to the next step of cooperation.

In addition, other websites/WeChat/Weibo operating under the name of HERO·TEA have nothing to do with our company.

Please look for the only official website of Yinggehun: www.hero-tea.com

Our company will investigate the illegal acts of publishing false information in the name of our company. Here, please carefully screen and don't be deceived.