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HERO·TEA, affiliated to Wellermoz Design Inc. , is headquartered in Shenzhen. It is a company that integrates brand incubation, single-store chain, catering planning, franchise entire store output, functional modules, and consulting services. Food service brand. With the brand mission of “reviving Chinese tea culture, establishing the spirit of Chinese tea people, letting the younger generation fall in love with modern Chinese tea, and bringing modern Chinese tea to the world”, HERO·TEA provides users with professional integrated catering services. HERO·TEA is determined to create a new beverage market supply and production chain with a complete management system and standardized management mode.


复兴中国茶文化,树立中 国茶人精神,让年轻一代爱上现代中国茶,让现代潮式茶饮走向世界。


让全国(或世界)都能喝 到潮汕“功夫茶”。


实惠、好喝,创新,打造 潮汕地区特色文化性价比 最高的茶饮品牌。


心中有茶魂,好喝又实惠。 寓意:让产品来说话、让客户来传播。

Brand Positioning


Pursuing the freedom of light luxury trendy cultural tea-here is more than just a cup of tea

From the brand name of HERO·TEA, we can clearly define the positioning of its brand culture: HERO·TEA represents the freedom pursued by young people, unfettered, brave and strong, and dare to do what you like. In this In the imprisoned real world, HERO·TEA not only provides young people with a cup of better quality tea, but also provides an elegant spiritual home, becoming the third good place besides home and office. At the same time, let the influx of people’s cultural tea become a symbol of fashion. What we sell here is not only a cup of tea, but also a perfect tea experience.